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Ages 6 Weeks to 1 Year


In our infant class, we focus on both physical and mental growth of the child. Sitting, crawling, balancing, standing, walking, and climbing as well as beginner word association, beginning sign language, healthy eating, and showing kindness through sharing. 


Ages 1-2 Years Old


LHCC Toddlers have fun! During their time in this class, they learn so many words! They also continue learning sign language, begin to learn Spanish, and how to put multiple words together. In addition, they learn about manners, weather, science, animals and more! 


Early Learning 2's and Early Learning 3's

Ages 2-3 Years Old


In our early learning classes, the children begin to put it all together. How things work, how to follow schedules, and how to better follow classroom instructions such has lining up and using stations. They begin to delve further into health and wellness, spelling, and science experiments! 

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Ages 4-5 Years Old


This class is all about preparing the children for Kindergarten. It is important to us that DLC children met the requirements for entering the school system. Many of them often exceed! In this class they set goals to learn how to write all of the letters of the alphabet, count to 100 or above, spell and write their name, begin to read using sight words, learn early math, and spend time on personal hygiene and so much more. 

School Age Programs

Ages 5-12 Years Old


DLC offers Before and After School Care, as well as Full-Time Summer/School Break care for those attending the Columbia Public Schools of Derby Ridge, Alpha Heart and Blue Ridge. Our van service will drop children off for school and pick them up after school. Parents are able to utilize both of these services, or customize their needs or only Before School Care or only After School Care.
All of the children in our school age program also have the opportunity to attend our center Full-Time during holiday breaks and throughout the summer.  

Faith Based

All Ages


In all of our classrooms, we teach a Christian foundation. This includes parables and bible stories, the use of prayer, the meaning of praise and worship, the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag, the Christian Flag and the Bible, and principles of kindness and love through the fruits of the spirit. 

We believe God is the solid foundation in all that we do! 

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