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The primary curriculum used is the Creative Curriculum, which focuses on the social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.

The Creative Curriculum provides the basis for both teacher-led and child-initiated activities that enhance the learning environment for children. Both individual (i.e., painting, imaginative play, practicing letter and number) and group activities (circle time, singing, dancing, etc.) are used through out the day.


Center based activities are a primary focus; they are specific to a development yet allow the children to choose an activity that they are interested in.


Creative Curriculum offers teachers the guidance, support and freedom to be creative and responsive to children. Because children learn from their daily interactions with the environment, a carefully organized and rich environment is the foundation for the Creative Curriculum. By focusing on the development progress of each child, the Creative Curriculum offers an ideal setting for all children.


The Creative Curriculum focuses on interest areas. It describes in detail what and how children learn and the teacher’s role in using each of the following interest areas to support children’s development:

  • Blocks and Library 

  • Dramatic Play and Music/Movement

  • Table Toys and Cooking 

  • Art and Computers

  • Sand/Water and Outdoors 


Being creative means thinking of new ideas, obtaining information by asking questions, learning through trial and error, and benefiting from mistakes. It encourages children to try out ideas and risk making mistakes. Creative Curriculum provides a blueprint for developing and educational setting in which young children can thrive.


"I am so glad that I chose Destiny Learning Center! My children have learned so much over the years. Before they could event speak, they could sign! And before entering Kindergarten they could already write their names, read sight words and even do simple math.
They make learning FUN by including experiments and activities. 
All of this plus prayer, praise time, manners and more!" 

Amanda, Parent of 4 


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